Our classic jams and marmalades are produced with simple and natural ingredients. For the choice of fruit, we had fun to "taking the field" for find the most serious farms; many farms are organic, others don't use what is allowed in organic farming: they don't treat! We were lucky to taste fruit with "sunny taste", but even more, we are lucky to transform it. We use Italian raw cane sugar; we don’t use citric acid but lemon juice; if we use pectin, it’s that natural, coming from citrus fruits; we don’t use preservatives and the dyes are banned. In addition to the classic ones, we have made more refined jams and marmalades, born from the fusion of fruit with unique ingredients such as champagne, chocolate, amaretto, ginger ... The products undergo a vacuum cooking, at low temperatures, which allows to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of our products, in addition to taste and color. In addition, the innovative pasteurization and sterilization phases that follow the packaging, allow us not to affect all the properties of the finished product. This is the only way we can obtain jams and marmalades with very high percentages of fruit and very little sugar.